Quick Ways to Boost Your High Speed Internet

Sometimes, we feel annoyed by slow Internet connection in both of our computer or mobile phone. These can be happen of course because the Internet providers who fail to provide the best service. For this reason, you need to find the Internet broadband or the best mobile broadband in your country to avoid mistakes in choosing a mobile broadband provider. On the other hand, many factors are can be affect your Internet speed on your computer, including bandwidth and router. Now, I will give you the easy ways to speed up your Internet connection to increase your Internet productivity.


1. Maximize Your Router

Be sure you are familiar with your manual. The manual will educate you about settings you may be able to alter to be sure that you are getting the most out of it. It is also important to be sure you place your router in the correct place. Your signal will be weak if you have a large amount of items between your computer and router. The router ought to be placed right next to the computer and it should be on an elevated surface so that you will not have to worry about a weakened signal. It should also not be near other items that use electricity to operate.

2. Make your bandwidth lean and mean

Unbeknownst to many computer users, there are programs that are unnecessary that they really do not need, which take up space. These programs often begin routinely once the computer is turned on or restarted and use up your space for no reason. Some of the messengers you may use or devices that play media often drain bandwidth, especially if they run at the same time. The settings of unnecessary applications can be adjusted so that they only start when you initiate them, instead of starting without your permission.

3. Keep your bandwidth to one computer

You will increase your speeds if you keep your bandwidth to one computer. It is tempting when you have a wireless Internet connection to spread it out over different computers, but you will slow things down if you do this. You also need to password-protect your wireless connection so that it cannot be stolen and so that no one can gain access to your identifying information.

4. Consult with your broadband company

If you have a consistent problem with slow speeds, you will want to discuss the issue with your provider, because there may be a technical problem that they can solve. You may need to upgrade your broadband package, which will result in faster speeds.

5. How to increase the speed of your mobile connection

Buying an extension in the form of an antenna will help you to increase the speeds on your mobile phone. You can also use a USB lead to help with this issue. You should also make sure to evaluate the kind of mobile high speed Internet that you have in your area before you buy the service to be sure it meets your needs.


Source : http://google.com/ 🙂


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